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Find any day of the week by date

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About Given date lookup details tool

Have ever wonder what day you were born on? Or maybe what day of the week were born your parents or any other relatives? Do you know what was the day when World War II started (1.9.1939)? Or are you just curious what was the first day of Millennium (1.1.2000)?

Either you look for a birthday or interesting date in the history, this neat little tool could make your day! Don't look anywhere else! You're about to find out some interesting facts about your chosen date.

Simply enter your desired date into input field in format (day.month.year) and press date lookup. In a second you explore interesting details about your selected date. Including: day of the week, day of the year and week number of particular year.

If you're interested in the difference between this date and today, choose two days differential tool located in related tools below.

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