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Order lines alphabetically online

Tool Output

About Alphabetically sorted text lines tool

So you want to sort your lines, hmmm? Alphabetically? alphabetically after Z? or randomly? Then you're on the right place! No extra software needed, let's do it online!

This online tool is here to help you with sorting lines in alphabetical order (or possibly in random order).

Just write down your words or sentences line by line or paste in into input textarea. Select sorting direction or random order and optionally turn off case sensitivity in more input options. Click on sort order lines button and get your result in tool output area.

Please note that lines are basically type of list where new line is used as a separator. If you would like to sort a list with other separator than a new line, take a look at alphabetical list order machine / list randomizer below. Also in the related tools section you can explore different online text utilities.

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