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Sort list alphabetically or randomly

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About Alphabetical list order machine / list randomizer

Alphabetical list order machine / list randomizer is an online tool which sorts lists in alphabetical respectively in random order. The simplest usage as well as our default is sorting comma separeted list alphabetically.

How to use it?
Enter or paste in items which represent a list into input textarea. This could be any characters (text string of any length) which are be divided by a separator. Optionally slide down more input option to specify list separator. As mentioned before by default the separator is set to comma, but it could be space, semicolon, dash or any character(s) you wish. Also as the next option you can determine the sorting direction:

  • Ascending (standard alphabetical order)
  • Descending (reversed sorting order)

If you would like to get random order, don't forget to change sortorder type radio button. At last but not least you are able to choose if the list values should be trimmed (removed the white space) and whether list items should be treated as case sensitive or not (preset as case insensitive).

When all input parameters are set as required, simply click on sort list now button and see the magic happens in the output area.

If you are after a list separated by new line, select alphabetically sorted text lines tool below. Or for more text utilities don't hesitate also to review the related tools section.

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