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Select random from list online

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About Random list item picker

Random list item picker is a handy tool which enables you to randomly choose one item from your input list. Just to clarify what a list is - it's a text string of any length which contains 1-n items separated by a separator. By default is used comma for comma separated list, but of course you can use any single character or set of characters you wish.

The usage of this online utility is very easy indeed. Just enter or paste in text which represents a list and optionally in more input options specify the separator. Hit enter key or click on random pick button and get randomly picked item from output textarea.

Simple example how this tools could be helpful is a winner picker. Let's say you've got a contest and need to choose a winner. This is actually perfect the job for random list item picker. If your entries are separated by new line, don't worry, use random line picker from related tools. Also don't hesitate to give a try another online text utility from tools list below.

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